jae has a NeXTstation

some strangeness i didn't mention yesterday

so, some things i didn’t mention yesterday that i realized were strange after the fact.

  1. the system test never actually fails, it just goes on forever. this is likely because i don’t currently have anything plugged into the internal scsi bus. my scsi2sd comes in today so i’ll be able to experiment with that more then.

  2. the system test screen shows an image of a NeXTcube instead of a NeXTstation. turns out, it should be actually showing the hardware you’re running on. i have no idea why it’s doing this, i suspect the ROM is pulled from a NeXTcube but i have no idea why or how that would have happened. if that’s the case and it keeps things from working, i can get a new ROM chip fairly easily (the dumps are readily accessible and it’s a fairly standard chip.)

i’ll update again tonight once the scsi2sd is in! i’m impatient and keep fucking with it even though i know nothing’s going to be different for now, but, that’s just how it is!